JLG Real Search 

JLG Real Search is a new, powerful technology in the Real Estate Information System industry.  The JLG Real Search application comprehensively supplies property and property tax information on any real or personal property within our coverage area.  It was developed as an Internet version of the same, 'tried-and-true' JLG Real Search that has been in use for almost a decade.

EASY TO USE, BUT POWERFUL:  We have created a simple, but highly-effective internet application that allows easy processing of Tax Queries, Tax Statements, and Tax Certificates.  The system is simple enough for individual use, but was originally designed with the title company's 'closer' in mind, enabling larger title companies to share data between closers and the rest of their organization. 

INDUSTRY LEADING REPORTS:  The comprehensive reports give you everything in a complete, crystal clear, concise, and easy to read format.  Our customers regard these reports as some of the best in the industry!  The reports are available in *.PDF format.  We have integrated email within JLG Real Search so the reports may be transported to anyone, anywhere.  Here are some sample products (click to view/print):
Detailed Tax Certificate Abbreviated Tax Certificate Sample Email

ANYWHERE:  Whether at your local office, at home, or anywhere else on the Internet, JLG Real Search is there to support your title company. 

RELIABLE:  JLG Real Search has an incredible system reliability track record.  Over the past decade since 1999, it has attained an astounding 99.99% reliability rating, making it one of the most reliable software systems in the industry.