I cannot believe it! You had better put me a the top of your reference list now. You have definitely won me over for life! I really appreciate your approach to business and the results you have achieved!

Randy Craig (Panther Springs Apts)
Murrieta, CA

The J. L. Gross & Company team has significantly impacted my property taxes of the properties I manage. Their preparation and level of detail has resulted in huge reductions in taxable value. I had the pleasure of witnessing their professionalism first hand at a Bexar County Appraisal hearing. Their litigation management services have resolved pending lawsuits, quickly, effectively, and with money back into my client's bank accounts. YOU ROCK!
Carrie Girgus, CPM
Core Group Management
San Antonio, TX

We have used Joe Gross for our properties in the El Paso area for the past 5 years because we are impressed with the thoroughness with which he has prepared each presentation and the corresponding results. We recommend him highly.

Robert More, President
Los Angeles, CA

Working with J. L. Gross & Company is much like having your own tax consultant on staff. Once you cover your objectives for the year, the helpful folks at J. L. Gross keep you informed of the progress on a step-by-step basis. The results have been nothing less than superior. I would recommend J. L. Gross and his excellent staff to any of my friends and business associates.

Doug De Vine, President
Austin & San Antonio, TX

J. L. Gross & Company has been continuously successful in having our commercial property tax values reduced. He has very good insight how to obtain results.

Richard Weinstein, Partner
Attorneys at Law, San Antonio, TX

J. L. Gross & Company Ad Valorem Tax Services has represented AmeriPoint Title for more than ten years, for both our real and personal property taxes. Their professional service and knowledge of the system has relieved me of countless hours of frustration in dealing with the taxing authorities. As a title company, their online real estate information system has been a valuable tool that allows us to print tax bills and tax certificates that aid us in the closing of our clients' real estate transactions.  I recommend them highly!

Jack Rogers, President

In my medical practice, relying on the expertise of J. L. Gross & Company Ad Valorem Tax Services to minimize the personal property tax burden of my office's medical equipment, inventory, and furniture & fixtures has been very effective, thus relieving me of countless hours of frustration in dealing with the taxing authorities. I could not be happier with their services!

Dr. Robert Akin
San Antonio, TX

Relying on the expertise of the J. L. Gross & Company has released us from the perplex and time consuming task of taking advantage of our rights as a taxpayer.

Ross Estep, President
Computer Graphics Software Development Company
San Antonio, TX

J. L. Gross & Co. saved me $60,000 in property taxes... That is a great job!  Thanks.

Randy Dym
San Antonio, TX

As a recognized leader in the financial services industry, we have offices located across the United States. J. L. Gross & Company has done an excellent job reducing our real and personal property tax liability effectively and professionally. Their reporting systems are the best I have seen in the business as they keep us informed throughout the entire appeal process. Our tax savings achieved by J. L. Gross and his staff have always been excellent and I highly recommend their services.

Charlie Amato, President
San Antonio, TX