Broker's Price Opinions 
J. L. Gross & Company researches and produces very high quality Broker Price Opinions (BPOs). Our reports will visually and statistically provide a clear understanding of the subject and how it relates to the comparison properties. Our reports are powerful tools for mortgage companies, title companies, and even real estate investors. These reports contain trustworthy and reliable data that enable our customers to make confident investment decisions.
Our BPO Products:
Our Broker Price Opinion Reports use up-to-date technology to produce vivid full-color presentations.  This level of detail is necessary when analyzing and valuating a subject property.  The image to the right is a sample cover sheet that appears on all of our Broker Price Opinions.  It contains a large image of the subject property, complete with a color map.  
The report displays the statistical breakdown of our comparative market anaysis (Min, Max, Median, Avg Values). It also includes, if applicable, a breakdown of necessary repairs. Those repairs are factored into an As-Repaired vs As-Is recommendation, complete with values for 90, 120, and 180 day marketing times.
Each BPO contains a standard, comparative property data grid explaining the comparison adjustments.  Color pictures and maps of comparison properties are also included in the back of the report, along with the living area, sale price, sale price/sqft, sale date, adjusted value, and adjusted value/sqft.
Sample Broker Price Opinion
           Broker Price Opinion Sample Report